• Strengthens the feet, ankles, legs, hips, abs, back, shoulders, arms and neck.
  • Increases core strength.
  • Improves balance.
  • Enhances focus and concentration.

Skill Level

  • Advanced


  • Balance

Yoga 15 Series


    • From Downward Dog, step your right foot in between your hands in Runners Lunge. 
    • Inhale, drop your hips. Exhale, lift your left foot off the mat and walk your fingertips forward into Modified Warrior 3. You can keep your standing leg bent. Flex your left foot and point your toes straight down. Press back through your heel.
    • Take a deep breath in. Exhale, bring your arms back by your sides in Airplane. Reach back through your fingertips.
    • When you have your balance, take a deep breath in. Exhale, bring your arms out in front of you into Warrior 3.
    • Focus on a point that isn't moving on the ground to help you keep your balance. 
    • Try to bring your arms, torso and raised leg parallel to the mat.
    • Stay in the pose for 3-5 breaths, in and out through your nose. 
    • Take a deep breath in. Exhale, bend your right knee, bring your hands to the mat and step back to Downward Dog for the other side. 


    Modified Warrior 3

    Rest your fingertips on the mat and bend your standing leg as much as you need to to keep your hips level. 

    Variation: Airplane

    Abi Carver: Warrior 3 Airplane

    Variation: Warrior 3 with Eagle Arms

    Abi Carver: Eagle Warrior 3


    • Avoid this pose if you have a foot, leg, hip or back injury.