• Stretches the stretches the obliques, lats, ribcage, shoulders and arms.
  • Increases spinal mobility.
  • Improves breathing efficiency.

Skill Level

  • Beginner


  • Sidebend

Yoga 15 Series


  • Stand in Mountain pose, with your feet together or hip-width apart, toes pointing straight ahead.
  • Inhale, sweep your arms out and up, interlace your fingers leaving your index and middle fingers free to point up.
  • Exhale, engage your core, and bend to the right. Keep your arms by your ears to avoid collapsing forward.
  • Inhale, come up to centre, reach up. Exhale, bend to the left. Keep your chest open and feel the stretch down the right side of your body.
  • Repeat 2-5 times each side.
  • Inhale, come back to centre, stretch up. Exhale, release your hands back down by your sides. 


  • Avoid this pose if you have a shoulder injury.