£2 per workout


  1. WINDING DOWN  This is a gentle sequence to do at the end of the day - to help you wind down and prepare your body for sleep. Beginner.
  2. GOOD MORNING – This is an invigorating sequence to stretch out the kinks, realign the muscles and give you an energy boost to kickstart your day. Intermediate.
  3. RENEW, REVIVE AND REFRESH – This sequence is designed to revive and refresh you when you're feeling low in energy, achy or struggling to concentrate. It's great to practice when you need a short break to re-focus and get yourself back in the zone. Intermediate.
  4. STRESS RELIEF – This is a sequence designed to practice before bed if you suffer from insomnia or during the day to calm your nerves if you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
  5. ENERGY BOOST – This sequence is designed to give you a natural energy boost whenever you need it - first thing when you wake up, during a mid-afternoon slump or to pick you up before you go out in the evening. Intermediate.
  6. FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION – This sequence is designed to bring your mind back into focus if you are feeling distracted and struggling to concentrate. Advanced.
  7. YOGA FOR 6-PACK ABS – This sequence is designed to build core strength and sculpt an enviable mid-section. Advanced.
  8. YOGA FOR BEGINNERS – This sequence is designed for beginners to increase flexibility, build strength and improve joint mobility throughout the body. Beginner.
  9. YOGA FOR MEN – All the sequences in the Fifteen series are suitable for men but this one is especially designed for guys who suffer from tight hips, hamstrings and shoulders.  Intermediate.
  10. YOGA FOR TRAVEL – This sequence is designed for you to do without any equipment, wherever you can find a small amount of space - at the airport gate, the train station or in your hotel room. Intermediate.
  11. BACK PAIN 1 – In this gentle sequence, we’ll combine a therapeutic breathing exercise, some simple stretches and a relaxing body scan meditation to ease back pain. Beginner.
  12. BACK PAIN 2 – In this sequence, we’ll combine deep, conscious breathing, gentle movement and a relaxing body scan meditation to relieve tension and tightness in the lower back. Beginner.
  13. BACK PAIN 3 – In this sequence, we'll open up the hips, stretch the hamstrings and strengthen the core to release tension and help relieve pain and soreness in the lower back. Beginner.
  14. NECK & SHOULDER RELIEF 1 – This sequence is designed to release muscle tension in the neck and shoulders with a diaphragmatic breathing exercise, some gentle stretching and a calming body scan meditation. Beginner.
  15. NECK & SHOULDER RELIEF 2 – This sequence is designed to bring gentle movement into the upper body to release stiffness in the neck and shoulders. We finish with a soothing body scan meditation. Beginner.